Are you dealing with loud, disruptive snoring every night? Have you been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? If you said yes to either of these questions then chances are good that you want to minimize snoring, manage your sleep apnea and improve the quality of your sleep.

After all, chronic snoring and OSA can severely impact sleep, leading to everything from daytime fatigue and “brain fog” to diabetes and stroke. The good news is that our Odenton, MD, dentists here at Angelou Dental offer oral appliance therapy designed to treat these sleep problems simply and effectively.

What is oral appliance therapy?

Oral appliance therapy is a removable mouthguard-like device. This device fits over your upper and lower teeth and repositions and holds the jaws slightly forward to keep the airways open and to prevent the tissue in the back of the throat from collapsing during the night. This device only needs to be worn while you are sleeping.

Our dentists can work with you and your current sleep doctors to come up with a treatment plan to help combat severe snoring or mild to moderate forms of OSA. Of course, in order to find out whether or not you are an ideal candidate for oral appliance therapy you need to see a board-certified sleep medicine specialist to make sure that you are dealing with OSA. Then our team of dental sleep medicine doctors can determine your candidacy for oral appliance therapy and fit you with your very own customized oral device.

What are the benefits of oral appliance therapy?

Since this small device may be all you need to manage your snoring or mild sleep apnea symptoms this offers a variety of advantages to our patients including,

  • A comfortable and easy-to-wear treatment
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Portable and easy to carry with you
  • Easy to care for and keep clean

What should I expect?

Each oral appliance is made based on impressions of your teeth. Once the lab has created your oral appliance based on these dental molds, then you will come into our office for a final fitting. Our dentists may need to adjust the device in order to achieve the best results. You will also want to come in for follow-up visits to make sure that your oral appliance is providing effective results.

If you are dealing with snoring or sleep apnea and want to find out if oral appliance therapy is right for you please call Dental Sleep Medicine of Maryland at Angelou Dental in Odenton, MD, at (443) 680-4029 to schedule a consultation with Dr. John E. Angelou, Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

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